Francis Lewis' Great Uncle - Hiram R. Gale - The Last Civil War Veteran of the Pacific Northwest

Hiram R. Gale - The Last Civil War Veteran of the Pacific Northwest
Hiram R. Gale - The Last Civil War Veteran of the Pacific Northwest
Photo courtesy of Washington Historical Society

Here's the Intel on Our Great-Great Uncle Hiram Gale

Ron Lewis shared some info that led Tim Lewis to find this fascinating article on Hiram R. Gale, who was the great-uncle of Francis Lewis. Be sure to follow the link below to read the entire article and to see more photos.

Many of you may recall Dad (Francis Lewis) speaking of an uncle that lived to be 105 years old. Hiram didn't quite make it to his 105 birthday, but 104 is still amazing. Not only did he live to be 104, but he was the last Civil War Veteran in the Pacific Northwest. Quite an honor.

If you read the entire article at the link below, you will soon realize the Lewis children did not just get their non-stop energy from their Mom (Estelle Lach Lewis), but it appears Grandma Nellie's side of the family (Gale) shared the trait as well. 

"When he died at the age of 104, Hiram R. Gale was the last Civil War veteran in the Pacific Northwest. Born in Vermont, he joined the Union Army in 1864 and served until after the war ended the next year. In 1887 Gale moved to Washington to establish himself in newspaper publishing, searching the Puget Sound region for a population center needing a newspaper. He worked as an editor and in real estate until he found the right opportunity in Bremerton. In 1901, with his two sons, he established a company that published the Bremerton News and other papers in the area. The Gales also had real-estate interests, and in 1920 sold the publishing company to focus on real estate. Hiram Gale was very active in the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) organization of Union veterans that encouraged Memorial Day activities and worked for veterans' benefits. He moved to Seattle in 1927 and worked in his son's real-estate firm until past his 100th birthday. From the mid-1930s he took the lead in organizing Seattle Memorial Day parades, serving as parade marshal several times. Gale walked the parade routes even at the age of 99." ¹
¹ This excerpt is from a free historical article -  Hiram R. Gale - courtesy of Duane Colt Denfeld, Ph.D. and HistoryLink.


  1. Hello...I am the great grand daughter of Hiram Gale.. I would like to contact family members of Hiram Gale to discuss some items I have of Hirams which I would like to donate..Please contact me at my email address..My grandmother, Sybil, kept these mementos and I need to share them..thank you, Bonnie

    1. Hello Bonnie (Munson?), please contact me at my email which is above on the right side of this page. I cannot see your email and was not able to contact you. I apologize. Thank you, I'd love to share the mementos on the website with all of our family. Have a blessed day, Tim Lewis @


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