Pierogi Filling Recipe by Estelle Lach Lewis

Pierogi filling recipe by Estelle Lach Lewis in the Fresno Guide

 Anybody who came to our home knew the love and joy of our Mother's cooking. Her Polish recipes were terrific and passed down from our grandmother "Busia/Busha" (Polish American for grandma). In Poland, they use "Babcia" for grandmother. We called our grandfather Dziadzia, but in Polish American, the spelling is JaJa.

Homemade pierogies require quite a few hours to make, and were devoured much too quickly, as they are so good. Our Mother often made us dessert pierogies with the traditional plums. I hope you enjoy her meals as much as we did—great food with wonderful family and friends. Indeed, there is no place like home. We miss you, Mom.

Donna Lewis, the wife of Dennis Lewis, recently shared this recipe with my wife, Juli, as she loves to cook Polish food for our family in memory of my Mother. Thank you, Donna, for sharing. We are grateful.

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