My Beautiful Mother - Estelle Joan Lach Lewis

Estelle Joan Lach Lewis
My beautiful Mother, Estelle Joan Lach Lewis

What Makes a Special Mother? 

My mother, Estelle Joan Lach Lewis, was a very special person...a very special Mother.

She has been gone now for 20 years this November 2018. She lived to 80 years of age. She was born in West Virginia and raised in Chicago by both parents (Alexander John Lach and Agnes Mary Helnarski) who legally immigrated here from Warsaw, Poland.

Estelle had one brother, Al Lach. She married my father and moved to San Francisco and later settled into Fresno, CA. She has one daughter, Ramona Estelle, and four boys, Dennis Paul, Ronald Frances, Patrick Alexander, and Timothy Kevin.

My mother loved to cook. Her meals, especially on the holidays, were masterpieces. Family and friends (who were also family) would attend those lovely holidays, because she made them extra special.

Estelle loved the cold weather and the windy city of Chicago. She didn't care for the hot weather of Fresno. It was something as kids, we would tease her about saying things like, "We want to move to Blythe or Needles!" She would playfully tease back.

My mother loved to wear beautiful clothes and look pretty. She enjoyed walking in the rain and wind.

She loved the Lord and gave what part of her that was left over from her dedication to her family, to the Lord, the church, and other Christians. She was involved in many church functions and later served as President of the Altar Society at The Shrine of St. Therese Catholic Church. She ensured that all of her children grew up, learning about the Lord.

My mother had many family and friends. I remember when family members came to stay with us (and it seemed someone was always coming to visit). There would be many conversations in Polish and I often felt as a young kid, I was living in a foreign country. When I was little I learned some Polish, but have long forgotten but a few words.

My mother often took in her children's friends from time to time when they needed a place to stay. She treated them as her own. Whether it was Max, Red, or someone else, she would provide them with the comfort of home.

She was a strong, kind, caring, giving, no quit attitude, full of energy, and a very loving Mother. She made sacrifices for the betterment of her children. Her children came first, with the exception of God. Whether she agreed with a decision her children made or not, she always supported them and made the best of the situation. She was a person who was always open to conversation and could be fully trusted, no matter what!

She was my precious and beautiful Mother, Estelle Joan Lach Lewis. My mother and God are the only two I have given a full 100% of my trust.

"Mom, I miss you daily and cannot wait to see you again in Heaven. Every day should be Mother's Day for you, as you are more than deserving of the honor!"

Love your son, Timothy Kevin (as she would call me...she named me after an Irish Priest).

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  1. YES, my Mom was a special person to all of us. I miss my Mom very very much. She protected all of us from the cruel and evil elements that would face us. I miss you MOM and hope to see you soon.Love you with ALL my heart. Your Loving Son. Dennis


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